People are at the heart of business and communication

Great communication from the inside out, makes business work better.

In a noisy world, where we all want to be seen and heard, I raise the game of your business communication by drawing upon what makes your business unique: the people at its heart, your employees.

What they do, and what they think, feel and say about your business, matters. My skill is in bringing your business and people together to help you all thrive.

I’m on a mission to help workplaces work better for everyone.

I’ve created a range of powerful solutions to help you, your team and your business work better. It all starts with my model of:

Using experience, research and data driven insights to pinpoint your challenges, I develop a strategy which provides clarity and delivers creative and quality communication that builds lasting connections and trust.

My work helps businesses work.

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This makes me feel so reassured about my shelves of books, many I have yet to read... The antilibrary’s value stems from how it challenges our self-estimation by providing a constant, niggling reminder of all we don’t know.

I bought one of these for the dogs before UK heatwave 1. They refuse to lie on it. So in heatwave 2, it's under my feet and a great addition to the 🔥 home office 😂

My Spanish rescue hound... She has shade, two soft beds to choose from, water bowls aplenty, a cool mat to lie on, but instead at the hottest part of the day, she's on the drive soaking up the sun 🤦‍♀️🌞

Lovely surprise delivery today. Thank you very much @mrsjennifield 🥰 They are beautiful

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