Why I do what I do

From my very early working life, before university, I wondered why bosses didn’t just ask people doing the work how to make things better. Admittedly I was naive and perhaps a bit idealistic, but that niggle stayed with me. Through my night school business classes while running two busy restaurants, to my move to university and my placement year, the niggle grew. It’s partly what drove me to do my degree in public relations and ignited my interest in communication, especially at the gritty end: how people do their jobs and how we communicate at work.

In my various in-house communication jobs in different industries, the same problem persisted; communication was letting people and organisations down. Some things just didn’t work properly. Staff on the front line could see it, and knew how to fix it, but leaders didn’t ask and employees didn’t share their ideas. I saw it as a wasted opportunity. It sowed the seed in my mind that great communication can make work better for everyone.

So, when my time was right, Little Bird Communication was hatched based on the premise of uncovering the subtle but important communication issues that challenge the success of organisations.

I now work with a range of businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes, driven by a desire for knowledge and to do better. I’m dedicated to providing clarity, delivering creative and quality communication that builds lasting connections and trust in my clients’ organisations.

Hatching Little Bird

I have worked in a variety of organisations and sectors

I’ve been working in communication since 1999 when I graduated in Public Relations BA(Hons) from Bournemouth University. I worked in the NHS, Royal & SunAlliance, Hugh Symons Group and Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council in a range of senior communication roles in creating and managing everything from running press offices to editing and managing a customer magazine in addition to the campaigns and strategies needed for these diverse organisations.

After a career break from my in-house work to have children, I took the opportunity to create my dream job. I founded Little Bird Communication in 2010 to create and follow my own path, and help make work better through great communication.

Discovering simplicity in the complexity of organisations excites me. I love to get my teeth into communication challenges found in the world of work and working relationships.

I love finding out what makes organisations tick, talking to the people doing the work, understanding their role and finding ways to help them be more engaged and productive. The world of work is constantly changing as organisations adapt to the latest challenges. This is only going to accelerate, so building resilient and trusting teams and relationships at work will be essential to succeed.

My work helps businesses work.

Little Bird Values


I have worked in a variety of organisations and sectors

Values are often plucked from somewhere, anywhere. They sound good and seem to fit and become the organisation’s values painted on the wall and published. But values can come unstuck when not everyone in the organisation gets them, and they don’t mean anything in the reality of work. I worked with Magma Effect https://magmaeffect.com/ to discover mine through a careful process of questioning and getting to the heart of what really matters most to me.

These are my values:


  • Seeking out new directions and fresh ideas to solve challenges in organisations
  • I’m continually looking to benefit people, their work and society through my work with clients and partners


  • Working where the magic happens. When we’re immersed we can be creative and productive, and we all benefit
  • I’m dedicated to delivering quality over quantity, with creative and meaningful communication and outcomes


  • Simplifying complexity to reveal what matters most. Bringing focus and purpose to how we communicate, work and create new organisations
  • I’m tenacious when filtering out the important themes from the noise and the critical links in organisations to pinpoint where we should focus your communication


  • When we’re working together, we are more powerful. Sharing a common purpose to strengthen relationships and collective benefit, influence and potency
  • I’m driven to work in collaboration with clients, partners and providers to bring out the connections that matter and support organisations with integrated communication which puts your people at the centre

What this means for my clients

I work towards a lasting legacy of trust, with informed people and connected communities for better business. I help organisations that want to have a positive impact on their people and the planet, while reaching their potential and achieving success.

The people, organisations and brands I love to work with have big ideas to make their businesses and the world of work a better place. I’m proud to work with people who put purpose before profit.