Your vision, and your business objectives set your direction. I research your current position, what your stakeholders think and feel about your organisation now to understand the shift we need to make. Undertaking a gap analysis will show us what work we need to focus on, to bring clarity to the challenge and deliver the communication strategies to close that gap.

The tools of discovery range from desk research to focus groups, surveys and even ethnography


I work with you to set your communication goals, define what you want people to think, feel and do. I plan your channels, your message, and creative within our agreed comms plans. Project management and defining the way we engage your stakeholders and collaborate with partners is central to this part of the process.

The tools of design are great ideas, deep understanding of communication strategy and knowledge and experience in communication planning and delivery.


With clear plans and timelines in place, and a strategic direction to close the gap between your current state and future vision, we deliver the full project, monitor, measure and refine. Working with creative and technology partners I create the collateral, the tools, the content and the programmes of activity to engage your stakeholders and change behaviours for better business.

The tools of delivery are a vast range. From internal audits, employee events, workshops and training to external and internal campaigns with all the content and channels required.