Great communication creates a legacy of trusted, informed and connected communities both inside and outside your organisation.

It’s a noisy world. I want to share stories that make us stop and think, ideas that add to the conversation.

Through my blog, I share a range of ideas and insights on topics from internal communication to human resources, campaigns to organisational development.

Little Bird – celebrating ten years

It’s ten years since I created Little Bird Communication. Today is my anniversary. My business has grown alongside my children from their pre-school days to today. Now the kids are at secondary school,...


Work in progress

There’s a lot of debate about the shape of work in the future within the internal communication, employee engagement and HR communities. Whilst the UK government is encouraging a return to normal and aspiring...


CIPR Fellowship

I’m pleased to share some news. I’ve been appointed as a Fellow with my professional body, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) on Wednesday 22 July 2020. For me, it feels like another...


Three things: a visual post

During the school holidays work hours become more wonky than ever for working parents. So this is not a regular post from me as I take a little bit of time out with my family enjoying a different routine....


Three things: Peaceful protests, passion and aliens

I missed my weekend blog posts over the last few weekends. Both work and home life have been particularly busy, so perhaps my original aim to a blog each week was a bit unrealistic. However, I’m...


Three things: no longer silent; progress is gradual and rise up

Today is International women’s day, and a good opportunity celebrate the women in our lives. Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, colleagues, heroes and all. My short and sweet blog post this week...


Three things – internal communication: what it isn’t; what it is; and why it matters

Last week, I delivered a guest lecture for the Corporate Communications Masters students at Bournemouth University. I teach the group the CIPR Internal Communication Diploma each year as they complete...


Three things: Work practices, CPD & Sunshine

So as half term comes to a close for my children and I, and we prepare to get back to the routine tonight ready for Monday morning, my three things blog about things learned from the week before to take...


Three things: ethics, knowledge & fun

Last week, I started a new approach to blogging. Designed to make my blogging ambitions more achievable against the usual back drop of work and family life. Here’s my second post in this new format....

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