Great communication creates a legacy of trusted, informed and connected communities both inside and outside your organisation.

It’s a noisy world. I want to share stories that make us stop and think, ideas that add to the conversation.

Through my blog, I share a range of ideas and insights on topics from internal communication to human resources, campaigns to organisational development.

Three simple things: Connections, co-facilitating and bright spots

I have a problem with blogging. I do really enjoy it when I do it, and I know it’s important, but making it happen amongst busy work / business / family life is hard. I have an endless list of ideas,...


How internal communication can support neurodiversity at work

What is neurodiversity and what does it mean for people in work? I went to an event in September 2018 where this was the topic. We were all challenged to ‘hack the world of work. The aim was to envisage...


In a field, in Dorset

Commsunplugged is an event like no other. That’s not PR fluff, but fact. It’s not for profit and it’s organised by a collective of brilliant minds from the public sector. It delivers...


Back to the routine

After six glorious weeks of school holidays, this week we got properly back to work and back to the routine. August is a special month for me. Beyond the holidays, it’s my birthday month and it’s my company...


How to use scenario planning to help your organisation prepare for Brexit.

I was invited along with 17 others to attend the second Brexit scenario masterclass  session held by the CIPR with Dr Jon White facilitating on Thursday 24 May 2018. The aim of the morning workshop was to work...


How to change things when change is hard, and how communication can help

CIPR Inside’s May #ICBookClub read was Switch: How to change things when change is hard by Chip and Dan Heath. We know that change is hard. It’s challenging, outside of our comfort zone and often exhausting....


Communication takeaways from the first #Influencelive

I went to the first #InfluenceLive event at the end of January. It was a communication event about influence, social and how we use it. I was interested to hear first-hand from Ralf Little about his ‘Twitter...


Happy Christmas and New Year

I’d like to wish all my clients, colleagues and friends in comms a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year. I’m signing off for the rest of 2017 and back to business on Monday 8 January 2018. I’m...


PRide awards 2017

I’m very pleased to have won a Silver PRide award on 17 November 2017. The category was Outstanding Independent Practitioner, within my CIPR region, the South of England and Channel Islands. I’ve...

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