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CIPR Election 2020

Date: Oct 05 2020
CIPR Election 2020

The voting for CIPR Election 2020 is open. There are nominees for President and council, a role that supports the institute, its members and future development.

I decided to put myself forward for CIPR’s council this year. There are eight seats with nine nominees this year. We’ve tipped the balance, meaning council seats go to vote. Every one of  the people who’ve put themselves forward will be an asset to CIPR and the council. I truly hope to be one of them.

If you’re a CIPR member, please take a moment to read the statements and cast your votes. You have until 5pm on Friday 16 October 2020. You will have received an email from CIPR and Mi vote with a unique link to the voting page.

Here’s a link to all the CIPR nominees and their statements.

I’m really pleased to have been nominated along with Fiona Hatton, by our Group, CIPR Inside as nominees for council. Wish us luck, cast your votes and we’ll all look forward to results.

Huge thanks to those who I know have already voted for me, I really appreciate your votes.


Here’s my statement

I’m a firm believer in the power of communication and what we can achieve when we do great work. With all the challenges in our society today we need powerful communication to connect people, to work together, and collaborate with other experts. We need to be listening to people and taking the best course of action to create better outcomes for society.

I want to see CIPR continue taking a firm position where needed, championing members and defending the profession, working with other professional bodies and demonstrating the value of excellent communication to business and wider society.

As a long standing and active member, I want to get more involved, and impact on the future development of CIPR. I hope that as a council member I will be able to bring new perspectives and insights to the function.

Excellent communication is essential as we face an uncertain world of challenge, change and disruption. CIPR has a fundamental role to play in our profession and its impact in wider society.

Being a member of CIPR has given me the confidence, knowledge, network and skills to advance my career and go on to build my business. I’ve been able to adapt and beat my own career path in communication, with the support and network I’ve built through CIPR.

I’ve been a member since 1995 when I joined as a student at Bournemouth University. I started volunteering with the Wessex group in 2010 and I’ve been an active committee member with the CIPR Inside group since 2012. I want others to be able to benefit from CIPR membership and reach their potential, no matter where they are in their career and whether or not they volunteer.

I am an integral member of the CIPR Inside committee and have championed the value and rise of internal communication with the association and wider society. I have played a part of the committee’s numerous projects from its #insidestory awards programme and annual national conference to smaller events and webinars on topics ranging from ethics to change communication and Chartership.

I researched and wrote the Ethics in Action for an internal communication paper in 2018 and I’m currently working collaboratively on a new piece of research for internal communicators.

I have taught the CIPR Internal Communications Diploma through Bournemouth University since 2016, providing the Communication Masters students and corporate practitioners an insight into the CIPR alongside the full teaching required for the Diploma syllabus. As part of my teaching I bring in expert case studies which support the syllabus and principles of CIPR membership, including a section on ethics and the code of conduct within the content.

I’m a champion of the power of the benefits of CIPR membership. I will support members and the institute further through a post on council where I can support future development, question, challenge and bring a thoughtful perspective to issues.

Thank you

Feature image credit: Photo by Noah Pederson on Unsplash



NEW short courses

I’ve created two new courses in response to a challenge I see recurring amongst my colleagues in communication as we work our way through this pandemic and rolling crisis. There are just a couple of places left, so get in touch to be a part of the first two courses:

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Wednesday 14 October 2020 1pm – 2.30pm

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Wednesday 21 October 2020 1pm – 2.30pm

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