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Back at the end of May early June, I entered the PRide awards for the South of England and Channel Islands. I’m so pleased to say, I’ve been shortlisted for Outstanding Independent Practitioner.

This is such a big goal for me. I know from running the #insidestory awards for five years that communication awards competition is tough and getting through to shortlisting is a real achievement. Of course going on to win will be even more of an achievement.

There are four of us in our category and everyone’s there because they are brilliant at what they do. Only the awards night will tell who will leave with Gold and Silver awards *gulp*.

Honestly, being recognised in the shortlist is a real boost for me and something to be really proud of. I’ve never put myself forward for awards before as an independent professional so it was about time I did.

A combination of factors have held me back in previous years. Mainly, making the time to do it because juggling family life and a business is tricky in itself, but also because it has been about me being brave enough to just put myself out there.

I love my work and always want to deliver the best results for my clients, but I do prefer to be behind the scenes and not centre stage. So this year, with a bit of time on my side and some great work to demonstrate, I thought, let’s do this, just enter. And I did.

I used a bit of World Blu thinking and asked myself, what would I do if I weren’t afraid? Answer: I’d just do it.

I often recommend clients enter awards and get the recognition they deserve. Now I’ve taken some of my own advice.

Wish me luck 🙂


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