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Give a gift for life this Christmas

Date: Nov 21 2012

On Thursday 15th,  I worked with Life Education Wessex and invited a reporter from the Daily Echo (Bournemouth) along to a local school to sit in on an education session. It’s featured in today’s Daily Echo.

It was a group of year six children (aged 10 & 11) who learned about how their bodies work, and cope with alcohol, tobacco and drugs (including both medicines and illegal drugs). It’s amazing how much the children already know about their bodies and and how receptive they are to this education.

helping children make healthy choices

Addaction, a leading addiction charity suggests addiction to class A drugs is costing our society £16billion each year. That’s staggering. Clearly it’s better for everyone to prevent rather than tackle addiction. So if there’s a way we can help our children learn about making the right and healthy choices in life as they grow up, then that has to be a good thing. As the eminent child psychologist Professor Robert Winston said himself:

“Education for children at an early age is vital to help them adopt the right healthy habits”

So this year I’ll be doing my bit to raise some money to help this charity which is dear to my heart. It costs just £3.20 for a child to learn about their bodies, and be confident to make healthy choices through their education with Life Education Wessex.  I don’t do marathon  running, shaving my hair off or other stunts, but this is an easy way for me to do something positive. Instead of sending my friends and professional contacts cards,I will be sending e-cards instead and the money I save on cards and stamps will go to Life Education Wessex.Here’s the release I sent last week for more information.

Give a gift for life this Christmas

Life Education Wessex is calling for people to give a ‘gift for life’ this Christmas. Instead of sending cards to all your friends and colleagues, send some e-cards from Life Education Wessex and make a donation to help local children of all ages learn how to make the right choices when it comes to alcohol, drugs and food.

Lorraine Hewitt, Fundraising Manager said: “This year we’re encouraging everyone to send some e-cards instead of Christmas cards and give local children the amazing gift of knowledge.  Your donation will help more children receive valuable life education. Harold the Giraffe and the ‘Life Bus’ are known to over 30,000 children, schools and parents throughout Dorset.

“Life Education gives children the knowledge to make healthy choices now and in the future. On average each Briton sends 30 cards, including a 2nd class stamp and the card that’s £1.00 a piece. I know I send a lot more than 30 cards, so even if I send e-cards to just my professional contacts and send traditional cards to my nearest and dearest I’ll save nearly £50  – all of which will go to Life Education Wessex.”

With no government funding the charity is reliant on the support of the local community to help them to raise vital funds to provide Life Education to over 60,000 children across the Wessex region.  The charity needs to raise approximately £3.20 per child and by sending 30 e-cards you would save £30 which would help educate 10 local children. For a copy of your e-card, please email Lorraine Hewitt on Lorraine@lifeeducationwessex.org.uk