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Happy Christmas 2020 from Little Bird

Date: Dec 21 2020
Happy Christmas 2020 from Little Bird

Well, what a year. All the words that could be used, probably already have been. I won’t dwell on the challenge and hard times that 2020 brought us.

Amongst it all, there have been many bright spots as we worked our way through the last ten months.

We’ve shown just how wonderfully adaptive, human, kind, supportive and resilient we can be. Yes it’s been exhausting, confusing and terribly sad at times, but it’s those good things what I want to remember from this year, and take with me into the next year.

As we head into our new compact Christmas break I want to wish everyone a safe festive break. Enjoy the space and time to yourselves – turn this strange time into one to remember for good reasons.

Our two older family members aren’t coming to see us now and I’m working through the break. So, our family Christmas break will brief yet indulgent as we make our way through the stash of chocolates and food I bought for more than four. And we’ll walk off the excess calories in our surrounding countryside, play some board games, fall asleep on the sofa having eaten too much and be thankful that our loved ones are here to be missed this Christmas, and hope we’ll see them again soon.

A big and special thanks to the countless people who have been a virtual shoulder to cry on, a walking buddy, a mentor and mentee, professional advisor, all round supportive network, inspiration and critical friends for me and my Little Bird this year. Thank you and Happy Christmas.

Here’s to 2021



Once again this year, I have donated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association in memory of my Dad, and supported the local foodbank instead of sending cards.


Image credit: a quick snap from the weekend walk at the beach.