How I can help

Knowing what makes an organisation tick, coupled with great communication, can improve productivity and help individuals thrive in their work.

People come to me to help them:

  • understand what’s going on under the skin of their organisations
  • communicate through times of change and transformation
  • create and support internal communication campaigns and HR communication
  • find the sticking points and create solutions to help teams collaborate for success


Starting with a detailed 360 degree look at the business to find out where the challenges lie, I then work with you to develop a personalised, practical and appropriate solution or set of solutions.

When we understand exactly what people are thinking, feeling and saying about your business, we can see where your communication effort needs to focus. We can put your employees at the heart of your communication, to help your business work better and let its story sing.

Little Bird Model

My Approach

Simplicity is key

The Little Bird Communication three stage model will give you the clarity to power your communication. Armed with this knowledge your business will be equipped to better understand where to focus your efforts, check the effectiveness of your business leadership, and build on its strengths where connections are strong and great work is being done.

  1. Discover – find out what people think and feel about your organisation and understand how that shapes what they do and say about your organisation
  2. Design – create a strategic plan, founded on data, to focus and improve your communication to support your business goals
  3. Deliver – help and guide you or your comms team through the strategy

I work in a range of ways to suit you. From using this model in off-the-shelf solutions, workshops and training, to developing bespoke project or campaign support as well as retained or ad-hoc consultancy, I will support you and your organisation or team to thrive.

The Little Bird Model – helping your business comms fly