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LinkedIn power

Date: Jun 19 2012

A debate has been raging on LinkedIn in one of the PR groups I belong to. The simple question was: Choice or Chance? How did you get into your PR career?

The response has been incredible. So many people have joined in and many answered the poll (currently choice 28 – 37%  and chance 47 – 62%). As one of the early voters I’ve received regular emails updating me on the conversation, and it’s put Jason Wassell who started it all as a top influencer of the group.

I’ve never really made the most of LinkedIn before but recently I’ve started to use it more, both individually as a freelance PR consultant and on behalf of groups.  With just one mail direct from a LinkedIn group we were able to get six sales, I’d say that’s quite a good return.

So if you ever think to yourself why should I bother? Think again. If you have a business that needs others in business – you need to be not just on LinkedIn but active on LinkedIn. Create and take part in conversations. Ask questions, offer answers and advice to others. Use polls, share reports and blog posts, demonstrate that you know your business.

LinkedIn and the various groups within it give you and your business a unique opportunity. You can position yourself as an expert in your field, and your business as an industry leader. While you are also targeting potential customers and business partners, and learning something new.

So the next time you think you don’t have time, make time, even just half an hour a week will make a difference.


And if you’re interested, I chose my career in PR. After working in various businesses I went to Bournemouth University and studied my PR degree and never looked back.