Little Bird Solutions


First things first, it’s always good to know where we are now, how are we doing, and what is our starting point? The research phase involves finding out what people think and feel about your business, behaviours, culture, communication and much more. The more we know, the better we understand. I use a range of tools and techniques to uncover valuable insights:

  • Communication and channel audits – delving into the communication delivery and channels you’re using, finding out what works and what is not so effective
  • Culture audits – truly understand how people behave in the organisation, or ‘how we do things around here’
  • Desk research – taking your business strategy, existing survey data and reports, along with any appropriate industry reports, to build a picture of your organisation and, critically, its objectives
  • Employee, volunteer, customer and partner surveys
  • Focus groups and workshops
  • Telephone or face-to-face interviews


Armed with the knowledge from the discovery stage, I apply my communications consultancy expertise to review and recommend on the myriad layers of communication inside and outside of your business. Working closely with you, I develop your communication and engagement strategies to support your business strategy and objectives. I then develop a vision, and an action plan to get you there with short, mid and long-term tactics to keep you on track:

  • Communication and engagement strategies
  • Vision, mission and purpose creation
  • Campaign and action plans
  • Consultancy and additional expertise


To bring your action plan to life, whether by supporting you with a self-contained project or developing and running a specific campaign, I can deliver your internal and external communication and engagement activity:

  • Bespoke training and workshops – for communication teams and for non-communicator employees such as line managers
  • Campaigns and events creation and delivery
  • Case studies and testimonials
  • Channel implementation and management
  • Content and storytelling creation for digital, face-to-face and print media
  • Developing a company narrative, defining values and purpose
  • Leadership communication and visibility strategy
  • Social media guidance, policies and training
  • Project management
  • Toolkits and guides to use in your business

Little Bird Solutions

I’ve developed these different solutions to help my clients make informed decisions about the communication support they want. Of course these can also be adapted and built upon to suit bespoke business needs.

Consultancy Solutions – three stackable packages developed to help organisations of all sizes: start the ball rolling with Discovery alone, push further with Discovery and Design, or choose the full works with Discovery, Design and Delivery.

Team Workshops – designed for small comms teams needing to reset, to build on the trust capital they’ve earned through challenging times or to prepare for the next challenge ahead.

Mentoring – two online mentoring packages for individuals looking for help to get their comms and career in comms in shape.

Short online courses – two online courses to help you support your organisation to survive and thrive at times of change or challenge.