Team Workshops

Throughout my work I deliver different workshops to help teams and organisations work better. This comms team workshop is designed to help your team take some much needed time to focus on their needs and opportunities.

Get your team IC fit through this workshop for small comms teams needing to reset, build on the trust capital they’ve earned through challenging times or to prepare for the next challenge ahead.

This half-day workshop is designed around you, your team, your environment and the challenges you need to overcome. In fact, it’s rather like a mini awayday.

It will help you and your team reset and establish your core strengths, individually and as a team, identify opportunities and areas for development and outline a strategy for you to take forward

For example, this could be adapted for:

  • a new team, reconfigured and looking to reset the way they deliver their work and support their organisation
  • an established team, coming through from a challenging time, looking to build on the good work they do and leverage that goodwill for stronger more strategic work ahead


This package includes:

  • A four hour workshop held on site or remotely
  • Each team member will receive a workshop kit, either on the day in person, or sent to them if it’s held remotely
  • The kit includes a workbook to help them work through their individual development ideas, their work goals and align to the team and corporate goals
  • The workshop includes two remote follow-ups checking to see how you are progressing. This is a one hour online open session for the team, at one week and again at one month after the workshop date


£2,500 for a team of up to six on site
£2,000 for a team of up to six remotely

Or a custom workshop to meet your bespoke needs