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Little Bird – celebrating ten years

Date: Aug 10 2020
Little Bird – celebrating ten years

It’s ten years since I created Little Bird Communication. Today is my anniversary.

My business has grown alongside my children from their pre-school days to today. Now the kids are at secondary school, I’ve got more qualifications and comms consultancy experience under my belt than I imagined when I started out ten years ago. I’ve built and adapted my business to fit the work I love and how I can best help my clients. Of course there’s more to come.

I had plans for 2020. Like everyone, those plans got somewhat derailed (for now) by Coronavirus and Covid 19. I’ve been juggling business, home school and just getting through, like everyone.

But if there’s one thing that this virus has done for the better, it’s forced all of us to rethink what we do.

A reboot

I’ve relaunched my website today, thanks to Luke Sanderson working hard through the summer to bring it all together. It features some gorgeous extra creative touches from my designer friend Kevin Williamson. Fellow independent practitioner, colleague and friend, Nicki Smith comms and copy expert was my copy and proofing partner.

Importantly, I thought through the work and projects I’ve been involved in over the years with numerous clients and I have turned my internal comms work into easy to define business solutions, workshops, mentoring and courses. You can read all about them here.  I continue to provide communication consultancy and support to suit client needs.

Short courses

A new idea is the creation of two super short courses, focussed on the areas many of us working in internal comms will need support on over the coming months as we reboot our organisations.

They are designed to help fellow comms practitioners to encourage their organisations to be bold and make a real impact when it comes to change. The courses have been developed to help people to work through a real challenge in their organisations, alongside a small group of like-minded people and come through with new ideas to turn into action, and to have a follow up later in the process to see how things went and what needs tweaking perhaps.

The courses are minimum viable products and they need you and your input to test and challenge the approach. I want to test the thinking and take your feedback to shape and polish the finished product, or not if that’s what you tell me. They are discounted for these test sessions and attendees will get everything they would get for a full course.

If you’re interested, read more about these courses and sign up here.

Cliches, coronavirus and beyond

We’re all heading to more challenges ahead, I’m sure. The coronavirus has not passed and we have more changes in the UK on the horizon. ‘Uncertainty is the new normal’ is a cliched term but we can’t be complacent. It really is a world of unknown unknowns. Through all of this change and volatility, keeping focussed on what we are good at, what we can do to help those around us and in our businesses is vital. I’m looking forward to bringing more ideas and practical solutions to help solve the communication and culture challenges that organisations are facing.

And when we can all meet face to face safely again, I look forward to raising a glass with my friends and colleagues to celebrate ten years and to all of us getting through these tough times.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

Feel free to check out what I’ve learned along the way in another post here: Ten lessons in ten years.

I work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to help them communicate clearly, reveal the human connections that matter and get meaningful results. If you would like to find out what people think and feel about your business, and communicate with them better, get in touch.