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Muscliff pupils love the new laptops

Date: Jun 07 2012

Press release for Muscliff Parents Association                                                                                                                                                          7th June 2012

Pupils at Muscliff Primary now have more access to technology thanks to the fundraising efforts of the parents and the local community.

The school’s Christmas Fayre raised £5,267 and some of that money has been used to buy an additional 15 new laptops and trolley for use across the school. With more equipment available to them the children will be able to have more time using the laptops to support their learning.

Caroline Gogan, Chair, Muscliff Parents’ Association said: “We are so pleased to be able to make such a significant contribution to the school and pupils. The children love the opportunity to use the IT equipment and now with this extra kit, they have the chance to use it even more. We continue to fundraise to provide more equipment and additional curriculum enriching opportunities for the children. We are very thankful to Sainsbury’s which selected us as its local charity and for the support and generosity of the staff.  It’s the donations and generosity from local businesses and families which make it possible for us to give the school this equipment.”

The school already has nearly 80 laptops to provide every child in the school the chance to use and learn with them. Continued fundraising will help to give the pupils even more opportunities to learn with such equipment.


In the photo:

Front row left to right

Izzy Carr, Charlie Marlow, Samuel Gallimore, Mia Attreed, Grace Hammond

Back row left to right

Maia Cuccia, Tiana Keeping, Katie Prosser