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Three little things…

Date: Jan 24 2013

Last year brought me some challenges and many exciting and surprising new opportunities in my freelance career. It was the year when I gained some exciting new business and started working with some truly brilliant people. I also had to make some tough choices, and still do about the direction of my career. Three things stand out for me from 2012.

Trust your instinct, was one of the most important things I was reminded to do.

My instinct is invariably right (for me), I just have

Three little thingsto listen to it a bit more and trust it. Whether it’s about making the right choice of communication tactic, the direction of a wider strategy or choosing to work with a new business partner the decision needs to be right for you and your project.

Get the balance right. Finding the right balance when you work for yourself is notoriously hard. I’ve been freelancing for a little over two years on a part-time basis, and in 2012 I was able to take on more projects as both my children are now at school. Right now January is almost over and I’m only just getting around to posting this blog – this point clearly needs some more work… Let’s see if I get the balance right this year.

Take satisfaction and reward yourself for the jobs done well. It’s so easy to forget to reward yourself especially when you work in an office on your own. The phone rings, the emails come in and you just move onto the next piece of work and forget to pat yourself on the back. We all need a little reward, and mine comes in the shape of a bracing walk with my dog ideally on one of Bournemouth’s lovely beaches.

So, three simple little reminders to take with me through 2013.

What would your reminders be to keep you balanced, productive and happy in your freelance career?